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a simple plain jane who believes Jesus is her only saviour. she has an awesome family but in need of salvation. her current addiction is 2pm but shinhwa will always remain as the love of her life.
Saturday, April 20, 2013
Writing Blog.. Again?
Haven't been writing post for 2 years, feel like doing it again.
I'm glad people around me are not reading it anymore, so it will be a private journal for me on my daily life.

Recently I bought myself a new laptop. Bought it on LM's bday. It's a maroon colour Dell's Ultrabook. Still remember how hard is it to buy this laptop. It takes 2 stalls, and 4 receipts to get the laptop I wanted. It seems ridiculous seeing how inefficient people are during PC Fair. Having hard time to use Window 8, I miss the START button.

The other good news is that I get to see Shinhwa this year on May 12th. It's Mother's Day it seems. What a good day they choose.. Oh well. I really thought I won't be able to see them since they are not going to have a concert in Singapore. 

Well.. These are the 2 good things happen on me recently. Hope more will come soon. 

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